How Casinos Contribute to the Community

Casinos are a source of entertainment for New Zealand residents and tourists alike. It isn’t surprising that they make a lot of money for the owners and sometimes for the gamblers, but casinos can also have a lot of value for the communities where they are located. The large majority of the profits that come from gaming in New Zealand are from the residents who are more likely to make going to casinos a routine event than tourists are to visit a casino during their stay. This may be due to the availability of online casino games to people around the world.

Increases in Employment

At a time when unemployment is a growing concern in New Zealand, casinos offer employment to thousands of residents of their communities. Employment surged in 1997 with the opening of the SkyCity Casino but has since dropped. In addition to the employment by the casinos after they are operational, the facilities also increase job opportunities for those involved in the construction of new casinos as well as for supporting businesses nearby.

Increases in Retail Sales

Although the majority of people who visit casinos are local residents, they still attract thousands of tourists each year. When people visit any of the casinos in New Zealand, they are also likely to visit and shop at a variety of nearby businesses. Tourists who make visiting the casino as part of their holiday will also spend money on hotels, restaurants, and other attractions such as museums or retail shops. The more appealing a casino is to tourists, the more the financial benefit it will be to the community.

Although the non-casino gaming in New Zealand is responsible for paying millions of dollars directly to the communities, casinos are indirectly beneficial to the community in a variety of ways. They enhance tourism, provide jobs and stimulate the economy. As long as gambling is something that appeals to visitors, casinos are likely to benefit from the money spent at their facilities by people from around the world.

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