What to Expect from Casino Gambling in New Zealand

One thing that tourists from around the world have in common when they visit their first New Zealand casino is that they don’t know what to expect. There are some differences in the types of games that are played and the rules they must follow between different casinos and those they may have attended elsewhere.

  • Although some types of gambling are legal for 18-year-olds, anyone who enters a casino must be 20 years of age. Players will need to bring a driver’s license or passport for ID.
  • Online casinos are a great start if you want to learn how to play like a pro
  • First-time visitors may be entitled to special bonuses and they should monitor the bonuses on offer in the casino.
  • If the player’s cash has not already been converted, there are bank ATMs in the casinos where they can withdraw the cash needed and at a fairly low conversion rate.
  • The rules for games change. Players should understand what the rules are before they bet so they know when they win and they don’t miss out.
  • Most games are reasonably simple and the player will know what they are betting and what determines if they lose or win. Study the rules and goals of each game before playing. If there is any doubt, ask a dealer or security guard. It won’t be the first time a new player has had to ask for help.
  • Waitresses roam around the casino, bringing free drinks to players. Although there is no charge, tips are strongly encouraged. Be prepared to tip a pound or two per drink.
  • The use of mobile phones and cameras is not only discouraged, but also considered cheating in many cases. Leave the smart phone out of sight.
  • Always keep an eye on money and chips to keep them secure.
  • Players don’t have to give up their seat to take a brief restroom break. Just inform the dealer and tip the seat forward onto the table to “reserve” the seat.

Nothing will make players more comfortable in the casino than spending a little time becoming familiar with the atmosphere and the rules of play.

Remember to gamble only for fun. Seek help if you gamble too much: www.pgf.nz

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